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Marketing Support

We will provide you with a marketing toolkit containing everything you need to run topical campaigns throughout the year, social media presence, PR, advertising templates, initial and ongoing training, and an unparalleled online presence.

These and other initiatives will generate inbound leads (business opportunities) for your accounting practice.

Below are just some of the marketing techniques we use on a local and national level for our network. We will provide further information on our Discovery Days.


Lead generation service

Lead Generation can be an invaluable way to help your TaxAssist Accountants franchise grow and will continue to provide ongoing new leads should you wish to use this service.

Leads from targeted marketing

Our network of branded TaxAssist Accountants shops and cars ensures that small businesses will see the brand and recognise our name in the marketplace. All enquiries we receive are then qualified at the Support Centre and then sent on to the franchisee.

Leads incentive

To kick start your business we provide you with an initial marketing campaign and 10 free leads from our lead generation activities. Don't worry these won't all be delivered in your first month!

Our key metric in determining the success of our marketing activity is to measure how many qualified leads that the website generates, and in turn, how many of these qualified leads turn into business for our network. We speak to every potential client and qualify whether there is an opportunity of business before passing that lead to a franchisee, thus sifting out at the beginning those enquiries that will never progress.

Without a qualification process, our franchisees would be inundated with lead enquiries wasting time that we believe would be better spent on producing fee charging work. Other franchisors claim high levels of sales leads from their marketing activity, but only convert 1 in 20 of these leads into business. We don’t want franchisees having to follow up 100 leads to convert only five into fee paying business. Our unique lead generation minimises the franchisee involvement and delivers a high 1 in 2.3 conversion rate and delivers millions in pounds of business each and every year.

For every qualified lead provided to a franchisee there is a small charge (though the first 10 leads are free as part of the franchise package). These leads are delivered year in year out through our unique offline and online marketing strategy. The lead charge is recycled into the brand awareness budget to provide further marketing benefits for the whole franchise network. The purchasing of leads is fairly common in the accounting industry, but generally attracts a much higher charge per lead and do not come close to converting at the same levels as our system making it a cost-effective way for franchisees to gain new business.

Our unique online and offline marketing strategy has been carefully crafted over many years and has won several industry awards. Its effectiveness is shown by the network recording that two of the top three sources of new business come directly from this blended mix of activity.

Stationery starter pack and promotional items

Most of the stationery you should need in the first six months of your operation is supplied as part of the Franchise Fee. Where appropriate, the stationery is personalised for you. We also include an initial supply of a range of corporate merchandise including TaxAssist Accountants pens, mugs and mouse-mats.

We also produce a range of marketing brochures for you to display in your office/shop front, which offer up-to-date information for your clients. We also provide an email tax newsletter which visitors to our website can subscribe to.

Your own website and email address

Members of our entire network are provided with a personal website and email addresses for you and your staff.

The individual websites have a number of editable areas which are changed via our Support Site, where you can update contact details, edit text and choose to add social media profiles.

We also work with a digital agency to ensure your website ranks well in search engines. The websites are mobile-friendly and have been re-designed to help our online presence grow further.

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