1. Build your own practice 

Most people choose to join TaxAssist Accountants by launching their own TaxAssist practice within their local community. With our support, you complete a 3-year business plan, attend the technical training course, partake in a full marketing program that generates leads for your business as well as developing strategies for lead conversion, pricing and business development. For those requiring Tax Agent supervision you will be enrolled in our supervision program where 100% of your lodgements are supervised.

Our franchise fee is $50,000 + GST with no minimum fee in the first 12 months.


2. Joining the Academy

The Academy offers professional accountants the opportunity to complete training, learn practice software and lodge returns for clients as they transition their career into public practice. There is no requirement from TaxAssist Accountants to resign from your current employment whilst on the Academy. Over 12 months your lodgements will be supervised and you will be offered continuous training if required.

Any time during the 12-month program you have the option to join TaxAssist Accountants as a franchisee. Any clients that you have introduced during the Academy are signed over to your business.

The training fee is deducted from the final franchise fee. The cost of joining the TaxAssist Academy is $10,500 + GST. 


3. Convert your existing practice over to TaxAssist Accountants

If you are already an accountant or tax professional with your own practice, or client base, convert to an international network of accountants and let us help you grow your existing business. We provide digital marketing, technical support, software, training, websites, social media content and business listings that drive inquiries and generate new clients. We help you transition from being just a Tax Accountant to being a Business Advisor, offering additional services such business loans, HR services, Audits, NDIS Plan Management, insurance and mortgages. Converting your practice to TaxAssist Accountants will not only enable you to concentrate on providing an excellent service to your clients, it will also give you the technology, systems, and business development support to diversify your services, develop a team and build a saleable asset.

The cost of converting to TaxAssist Accountants will depend on your situation and size of your current fee bank. For further details contact the support office at [email protected]


4. Join us as on a joint venture

Join us on a joint venture and become your own boss while part owning a TaxAssist Accountants practice (the exact shareholding arrangement will be dependent on a number of factors). As a joint venture partner, you will have the opportunity to leverage our brand name, reputation, and proven business model to establish and grow your own accounting business within our franchise system, with minimal start-up costs. We provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to valuable resources to help you succeed in your business.

As a joint venture partner, you will have the freedom to run your own accounting practice while benefiting from the guidance and expertise of our experienced team. We have a strong track record of success in the accounting industry and are committed to helping our joint venture partners achieve their goals. If you are a motivated and entrepreneurial individual with a Tax Licence, we invite you to join us as a joint venture partner and take the first step towards building your own successful accounting practice.

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