Our Sydney based Support Centre offers a complete range of professional, experienced and qualified personnel to provide full training, technical, marketing and business development support. Our initial training course is delivered by qualified in-house experts, working alongside selected third party specialist training partners. 

All functions of a successful accounting business are covered that will enable you to be supported throughout your business life cycle with us. 

Operational and onboarding support 

Your contact initially will be with the highly experienced recruitment team who can expertly guide you through our business model and answer all of your questions to help you to evaluate if taking on a TaxAssist Accountants franchise is right for you. You will also be in contact with our legal administrator, our finance team and our trainers once you have signed up to join us, to assisting with onboarding as a TaxAssist Accountants franchisee. 

Marketing and business growth 

We understand that many franchisees who join the TaxAssist Accountants network, won’t have any experience of marketing themselves or a business. That is why we have a large and highly experienced team of marketing and communications professionals on hand to provide extensive training, support and advice to our franchisees. 

Our proven client lead generation service delivers the right prospects to grow our franchisees’ practices, with each lead qualified before being transferred to the office in the relevant territory. Read more about our Marketing and Business Growth support here

Technical support

For many TaxAssist franchisees, one of the key reasons for joining the franchise is the extensive training, support and back up provided by the highly qualified and experienced Technical Team. 

The team provides a helpline for franchisees and their staff to use, covering queries related to bookkeeping, accounts, tax, GST, payroll, superannuation and software and a mentoring service for franchisees in the early stages of launching their practice. Read more about our Technical support here

Technology and software 

The IT and Software teams ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Support Centre IT systems and provide support and training to TaxAssist franchisees and their staff, alongside recommended outsourced partners and software providers: LookUp IT, Microsoft 365, Xero and Simplefund 360. 
They build and maintain the TaxAssist websites, internal support website and ticket systems for the helpdesks, and are responsible for the relationship management with our recommended IT, telephone and printing partners, as well as the continuing development of our web-based systems. 

They deliver bespoke training and support to help franchisees with the adoption and integration of software, as well as suggesting and sharing best practice use of the software estate to gain efficiencies where possible. Read more about our technology and software here

TaxAssist Academy  

Our TaxAssist Academy is responsible for the new franchisee Initial Training Course and ongoing CPD training requirements. The team works closely with the Technical and Business Development Teams to ensure timely and relevant courses are provided throughout the year, in the best format, to continually upskill the network and their staff. Delivery is via face-to-face and online courses and webinars. Read more about our Initial Training here

Peer support 

A motivation for new franchisees joining us is the benefit of being part of a large and experienced network of like-minded individuals. As a franchisee, we provide you with many opportunities for you to benefit from peer support in the network and we regularly host events where we bring the franchise network together to share best practice and collaborate for the benefit of the whole network. This includes our best practice sessions and, of course, our Annual Conference. Read more about our Peer support here

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