Raza Syed looks back on his first year with TaxAssist Accountants.

In the most turbulent times the UK economy has seen for decades, independent business specialists TaxAssist Accountants have been an essential hub for their local business communities thanks to unsurpassed levels of support and communication. With over 230 franchises based in visible shops and offices across the UK supporting over 76,000 clients, TaxAssist Accountants have seen their services in demand like never before.

FCCA-qualified Raza had only been operating his practice for three months when lockdown began, but is full of praise for the support that has been provided to him and his clients by TaxAssist Accountants.

He said: “I can safely say that the support and guidance received from TaxAssist in this rollercoaster environment has been incomparable, both as an accountant and a franchisee. It has been fantastic.

“One of the reasons for joining TaxAssist Accountants was because I was aware of how to obtain the best results from a franchise structure, having worked in a practice that specialised in the industry. The daily updates and assistance have really proved the strength of the franchise and being a part of the successful, established network has been invaluable to both myself and my clients in terms of the depth and quality of resources available.

“Before joining TaxAssist Accountants I worked in London for six years assisting franchisees in the fast food, retail and health care sectors, providing accountancy and consultancy services, formulating business plans and carrying out due-diligence on business purchases and sales, so I have a wealth of experience and expertise”.

Working for himself had always been a goal for Raza, who joined TaxAssist Accountants in October 2019. He explains: “I started my journey in February 2019 by attending a Discovery Day which highlighted three invaluable areas which made the decision to join TaxAssist an easy one:

  1. The strength of the technical team and the support that was on offer
  2. The brand and marketing support
  3. Access to enhanced services which can really benefit me and my clients

“I found extreme transparency with TaxAssist’s approach to their franchisees with Karl Sandall and his fellow TaxAssist directors creating a culture of inspiring professionalism, honesty and a nurturing environment that is essential when building a business.

“I have been able to tap into TaxAssist’s expertise to help me with: 

  1. My business plan
  2. Organising a great finance deal
  3. Finding the right location
  4. Shop visits
  5. Sorting out a lease
  6. Shop refurbishment
  7. Marketing
  8. Internal support systems i.e. software, IT providers, telephone systems etc.
  9. Technical support
  10. New business leads leading to regular business growth

“After just one year of trading with TaxAssist, I am now servicing an ever-growing portfolio of clients and I couldn’t be more pleased. The technical support has been invaluable and has enabled me to confidently sign some key clients with good value.

“I have been in regular contact with clients and working closely with them on cashflow projections, furlough and grant applications and I’m hopeful that the guidance and support that I have offered will play a big part in their survival.

“In around 16 months, I’ve invested in starting a new business, opened my first shop and have a growing client portfolio. Without TaxAssist, this would never have been possible.

“My friends and relatives who share the same profession and who have seen me grow as an individual, are already enquiring about TaxAssist and I have been extremely excited to tell them my story”.

If you share a passion to help your local small businesses, a TaxAssist franchise can provide the systems and support you need to be successful. Regular Virtual Discovery Days are being held, where you can find out more about the technical, marketing and business development support on offer. Call 0800 0188297 or submit an enquiry via the button at the top of the page to register your interest.

October 2020

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