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2,500 years of experience at TaxAssist Accountants

Now in its 26th year of operation, the local tax, accounting and advisory service has much to shout about when it comes to experience and best practice.


TaxAssist Accountants has been operating its successful business model for more than 26 years, with Support Centre staff and franchisees clocking up almost 2,500 years’ worth of experience between them.


Globally, there are now 268 TaxAssist franchises in operation, across 436 locations servicing 84,100 clients, with US$76m annual recurring fees and growing, with new franchisees due to launch in the USA and Canada shortly, as well as continuing to expand in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

“One of the main points I make in my conversations with potential new franchisees, is to highlight the substance and experience behind the brand,” explains Managing Director Mandy Sigaloff.

“Combined, our franchisees across the UK, Ireland and Australia have 2,001 years’ experience operating as TaxAssist Accountants franchisees.

“The franchise was established in the UK in 1995, on the back of a highly successful business model, and over the last 26 years, we have adapted and enhanced this model, continually sharing with franchisees our expertise and best practice from around the network.

“Anyone joining us today, no matter where they are in the world, can benefit from all that we have learnt about what it takes to help them to build a substantial practice.

“The TaxAssist Accountants Group Support Centre has 65 employees with over 480 years’ experience so franchisees can look forward to enjoying long term relationship with a stable team of experts employed to support them to be successful.”

The franchise opportunity will appeal to qualified accountants working in industry, tax preparers looking to scale up their business, individuals with an accountancy or law degree or diploma, as well as those that already own an accounting or tax practice they wish to develop as part of a global brand.

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July 2021

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