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Shop Front Concept

We have recognised the changing marketplace for accountants

We depart from the look and characteristics of traditional accounting practices


At TaxAssist Accountants we have recognised the changing marketplace for accountants and with our target market being the small business sector, it is vital that we can relate to them in a way that is not intimidating.

Our intention is to depart from the look and characteristics of traditional accounting practices. Our shops provide modern, accessible and welcoming locations for our small business clients or prospective clients to meet with an accountant and access our services at their convenience.

Visibility, confidence, credibility, walk in business and brand reinforcement are just a few of the benefits that operating from shop front premises brings. In addition to this, having a visible presence within the business community helps to integrate your marketing activities and increase effectiveness.

Our first shop opened in the UK in 2002, and our first in Australia in 2016, and our shop front concept remains an integral part of our business development strategy.

When joining TaxAssist Accountants, franchisees make a commitment to operate the franchise from shop front premises within 36 months of joining. We currently have over 448 branches across the UK, Ireland, Australia, US and Canada the majority of which are shop fronts.

Finding the right shop

Our dedicated support team will help you through every stage of your shop move to help you to complete your move in the most efficient and convenient way possible. We'll walk you through everything from finding the right premises, negotiating your lease and planning permission through to refurbishment, staffing advice and holding your launch event.

Each TaxAssist Accountants shop is formally approved at a site visit by the Support Team at the TaxAssist Accountants Support Centre to ensure that the shop is in the right location and will have the desired impact.

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